Visual Studio 2012 JavaScript Updates

Visual Studio 2012 RC is out and it brings quit a few changes, especially for developing JavaScript.

JavaScript Object Definition

Visual Studio 2012 finally adds in the ability of going to an object’s definition just like when coding in C#.  You can do this by either by right clicking the object or by pressing F12.


External JavaScript Intellisense Support

With previous versions of Visual Studio in order to get Intellisense to work with external JavaScript files  you had to add a reference path to a vsdoc file (which usually wouldn’t work without rebuilding Intellisense using ctrl + shift + J):

///<reference path="jquery-1.6.4-vsdoc.js" />

In Visual Studio 2012 after the script is added, Intellisense will work with nothing extra needed:


JavaScript Function Documentation

Documentation is something that is usually missing from JavaScript source files. There is now built in support for signatures within JavaScript functions. There can also be multiple signatures for overloading.

Calling Function With Documentation Comments:

    function getTax(rate, amount) {
        ///<summary>Get Calculated Tax</summary>
        ///<param name="rate" type="number">Tax Rate</param>
        ///<param name="amount" type="number">Money Amount</param>
        return rate * amount;


It seems Visual Studio is now treating Javascript like an actual supported language.

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