ASP.NET CORE View Components

View Components were released as part of ASP.NET CORE to allow developers another way to add content within views. They are a great way to create chunks of page content without using child actions.  Unlike a controller action or child action, a view component is not mapped to a URL and cannot be reached directly.  […]

JavaScript Design Patterns : Module Pattern

The module pattern is a design pattern that greatly helps to create a clean JavaScript code base. Instead of files full of random intertwined functions that call in each other in a spaghetti code fashion, the module pattern pushes us to group common functionality(functions and variables) together. By doing this we use the power of JavaScript closures to have private […]

Package Manager Overload – Nuget, npm, Bower

Package Manager Overload With the release of .NET Core and the related tooling for Visual Studio 2015, there are now three different package managers that can be used: NuGet, npm & Bower. At first going from 1 to 3 package managers may seem like overkill, and also completely unnecessary since before NuGet we didn’t use a […]

.NET Core App Confusion – Missing exe

Build/Deployment Confusion After creating a quick console app using .NET Core I noticed something unfamiliar in the bin/publish directory. With the default project setup there is no exe, it is missing: Why!? – Framework-Dependent Deployment By default the new .NET Core application is setup to be built and deployed using the framework-dependent deployment. This means we are relying on […]

TypeScript Casting Gotchas

Below are two TypeScript “gotchas” that I have come across while writing my first TypeScript app. 1) Here we are creating an instance of the customer class and calling a method to write some data to the console. Then the object is turned into JSON and then parsed and cast as a customer class. There […]

Viewing JSON in Internet Explorer

(Originally Posted on November 21, 2013) Recently I have been working on some Web API controllers and found it bothersome to use Internet Explorer to view raw JSON results.  Instead of just seeing the JSON text you get a popup from IE asking how you would like to open up the JSON file. The “fix” […]

MongoDb data access with .NET

Not the usual choice for .NET development but NoSql document databases are becoming more common in the development world. Getting MongoDb running on Windows To get started with MongoDb first download the correct version for your operating system. Create the following new path c:\data\db From the extracted files, run MongoD.exe. That’s it. .NET with MongoDb […]

Visual Studio 2012 JavaScript Updates

Visual Studio 2012 RC is out and it brings quit a few changes, especially for developing JavaScript. JavaScript Object Definition Visual Studio 2012 finally adds in the ability of going to an object’s definition just like when coding in C#.  You can do this by either by right clicking the object or by pressing F12. […]