ASP.NET CORE View Components

View Components were released as part of ASP.NET CORE to allow developers another way to add content within views. They are a great way to create chunks of page content without using child actions.  Unlike a controller action or child action, a view component is not mapped to a URL and cannot be reached directly.  […]

JavaScript Design Patterns : Module Pattern

The module pattern is a design pattern that greatly helps to create a clean JavaScript code base. Instead of files full of random intertwined functions that call in each other in a spaghetti code fashion, the module pattern pushes us to group common functionality(functions and variables) together. By doing this we use the power of JavaScript closures to have private […]

Package Manager Overload – Nuget, npm, Bower

Package Manager Overload With the release of .NET Core and the related tooling for Visual Studio 2015, there are now three different package managers that can be used: NuGet, npm & Bower. At first going from 1 to 3 package managers may seem like overkill, and also completely unnecessary since before NuGet we didn’t use a […]

.NET Core App Confusion – Missing exe

Build/Deployment Confusion After creating a quick console app using .NET Core I noticed something unfamiliar in the bin/publish directory. With the default project setup there is no exe, it is missing: Why!? – Framework-Dependent Deployment By default the new .NET Core application is setup to be built and deployed using the framework-dependent deployment. This means we are relying on […]

TypeScript Casting Gotchas

Below are two TypeScript “gotchas” that I have come across while writing my first TypeScript app. 1) Here we are creating an instance of the customer class and calling a method to write some data to the console. Then the object is turned into JSON and then parsed and cast as a customer class. There […]

Viewing JSON in Internet Explorer

(Originally Posted on November 21, 2013) Recently I have been working on some Web API controllers and found it bothersome to use Internet Explorer to view raw JSON results.  Instead of just seeing the JSON text you get a popup from IE asking how you would like to open up the JSON file. The “fix” […]